How to Avoid Musical Burn Out by Tom Hess

Do you sometimes find it difficult to stay focused and motivated to practice guitar or play music? Most musicians I know (including myself) have had at least one significant period in their lives when they have experienced musical burn out – a general feeling…

Fire And Inspiration by Tom Hess

Think back to the time when your interest in playing guitar was born. Remember the time when you got your first guitar and actually started playing it. For most of us, even when we were totally beginners, clueless about how…

4 Things Guitar Players Are Afraid Of By Tom Hess

Take a guess: what is one of the top things that keep most people from becoming better guitar players? Is it a lack of talent? No. Not spending enough time practicing? No. The answer is FEAR (in its various forms).…

Getting a Guitar

When it comes to the point of making the decision to own a guitar, there is nothing more strenuous than choosing which guitar to buy. Most people get stuck hovering between electric guitars or acoustic guitars, and some get stuck…

History and evolution acoustic-electric guitars

In the music world, the invention of the guitar was a mysterious thing. Firstly, the instruments had used by Greeks, Egypt, and Persians. With the passage of time, the Europeans Antonio Torres and Christian Frederick Martin was the main person…

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