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MoreYes Guitar Picks – 28pcs with Guitar Tuner


MoreYes Guitar Picks are suitable for all the musicians, 28 pcs picks ( 0.46 0.71 0.85 0.96 1.2 mm )7 colors and 5 thicknesses meet your need.

MoreYes guitar tuner specifications:

Tuning modes: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele

2 color backlight: green in tune, white out of tune

Pitch range: 440Hz

Detection accuracy: ±0.5 cent

Power supply: one 2032 coin battery

Dimensions : 29x75x50mm

Weight: 20g

Included items: Owner’s Manual, one 2032 coin battery




  • Varieties thicknesses: MoreYes Guitar Picks lightweight and durable guitar plectrums made of Celluloid. Material which fit for any 6 strings guitar 5 thicknesses including ( 0.46 0.71 0.85 0.96 1.2 mm), suitable for beginner and professional musicians.
  • Unique Design: Different thickness picks make different music tones and 7 colors meet your needs. Same thickness picks in a good package, all thickness guitar picks in a container. Each pick’s write thickness keeps you easy to find and store.
  • Different Application and Modes: Lightweight MoreYes guitar tuner suitable for any guitars, bass, ukulele(C/D), violin, and chromatic. Tuning modes: (C: Chromatic, G: Guitar, B: Bass, V: Violin, U: Ukulele).
  • 360° Rotate and Soft Silicone Pad: Flexible to rotate clip adjust the angle you need and clear backlight LCD digital screen can easy to read. A soft silicone pad protects your instrument without scratches.
  • High Precision and Sensitivity: Moreyes guitar tuners can accurate and quick to tunning your precious instrument even in a nose or dark environment and are easy to adjust with one hand.if tuner no operation that tuner will be auto power-off after 3minuite.

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